“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ”

Steve Jobs

"We don't just design beautiful websites. We design beautiful websites that WORK."

In 2017, having a website is as fundamental to your business as having a uniform or business cards, in fact much more so, considering how many of your potential customers are using the web to search for and buy products and services, and how fickle this community of online buyers can be.


If you don’t have a website, or if you have one that doesn’t match your brand or business objectives - or a website that looks like it’s stuck in the early days of the ‘world wide web’- customers will find a competitor that either has a website or has a better one than yours. And right quick.


What makes a good website?


Web design is all about creating an online environment for your customers that conveys your overall brand character and personality, effectively communicates function, is usable and accessible, and facilitates easy access to your content.


Here at Adroit Studio we understand that web design isn’t art. Web design involves a collection of very different skills ranging from copywriting and photography to layout and navigational architecture, all of which we thrive at. But above all, web design is about strategy. And strategy is Adroit Studio’s main bag.



What is Web Strategy?


There are many things we have to consider when building a new website, or in fact redesigning an existing one. Things like DIRECTION: what are you trying to achieve with your website? Do you want to sell products? Deliver information? Entertain? Things like TARGET AUDIENCE: who is your website for? Working with our clients to identify a clear direction from the outset and define who their target audiences are plays a huge role in the way their eventual website looks and feels - everything from font size to contact forms - and these are the factors that also allow the website’s visitors to navigate the site more easily – because it has been designed and built with them in mind.


And throughout the whole web design process we always keep top of mind the fact that new visitors may only remain on your website for a few seconds, so if you don’t want to lose them we must be concise and convey your brand and organisational messages quickly and without unnecessary fluff.



How do I know if my website works?


Once your site is live, you also need to measure how well your design performs and whether it has been effective in achieving your key objectives. Sometimes in the process a design element or functionality decision we expected to kick goals may have fallen flat on its face. Using analytics and other measurement tools we can identify problem areas and get your site back on track.


And if this means that your site design needs some tweaks, don’t fret! A website should be a constant work-in-progress (for SEO purposes and being found in the search engines at the very least), so you can introduce gradual improvements over time to make your website more effective in serving your goals. Here at Adroit Studio we offer ongoing website management, as well as content creation/blogging and social media management, so you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own out there.


Adroit Studio don’t just build beautiful websites, we build websites that work for your business.